Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Past ....

Oh judge me ye world
today, am treading 
downhill !!

Call me names
whatever suits thee!!

Am growing .
Learning, balancing  
my rollercoaster life, !!

In my tomorrow,
I will outgrow
your judgements.
The modesty of the real me
will mock everything !!

None of what you 
Brand me with 
will mean anything!!

Till then use my folly 
to your advantage.
Try to make me small
and I will try harder 
to strive and grow!!

I am never giving up
I am busy building 
My dream, tomorrow!!

Thursday, November 22, 2018

How can the earth say to the moon, I miss you.....

How can the earth say to the moon, I miss you,
on all the long nights when there's no moon?
How can the stars say to the earth, we'r here
On a rainy night when clouds shroud up above?

How can the mighty oceans convey love
To the shore?
How can a honey bee tell a flower
the nectar's worth ?

What can a longing heart say to convey
the depths of passion?
What can a rider do to balance tender

Why do we seek affirmations?
Is it not enough to feel and believe, it is.