Sunday, October 24, 2021

No you can't rest thy feet...

No you can't rest or feel thy tired feet...
There is no escape, the only way is
To pass through the journey - Live

Feel excruciating pain- cry & learn to revive
Next moment brings unexplainable pleasure
Get ready - experience death like uncertainty
Do what you can -survive -don't give up!

It's about time to rise up from
the ashes and the dust
Make the bygones matter no more
Cause there are dreams
and no fear to loose anymore.

Ah!! But the battle within
Hope fills my tender heart
and then I see it fail me.
Taking tiny pieces of me
And then I see a new - evolved me.

Future is about possibilities
the path seems  darkened
Hold on keep believing
Till  it is revealed.
Life is a beautiful mystery - worth living.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Past ....

Oh judge me ye world
today, am treading 
downhill !!

Call me names
whatever suits thee!!

Am growing .
Learning, balancing  
my rollercoaster life, !!

In my tomorrow,
I will outgrow
your judgements.
The modesty of the real me
will mock everything !!

None of what you 
Brand me with 
will mean anything!!

Till then use my folly 
to your advantage.
Try to make me small
and I will try harder 
to strive and grow!!

I am never giving up
I am busy building 
My dream, tomorrow!!