Sunday, March 27, 2011

The best of me...

You have yet not seen the best of me
My inner world,the beauty
The harmony,surrounding me
Where only I can be.

I create ,I sing aloud with all my might
I shout sometimes on things
I cannot control or change.
I doubt and fear ,wonder at things.
But that is my inner world.

Outside I am what you see.
A calm and composed
Picture of might all the while.
Smiling,felicitous as anybody can  be

Inside me I am nothing close
To what you sense of me.
This,my dear is what
we have done to us
In anticipation
of what we should be!!

Let me give you the amenity.
The freedom to be.
You and the real me.
This I feel is yet to be.

To go..............

To go or to give up.
To fight out the rough patch.
Or to simply succumb
to the uneven path.
Reach out to the
hidden horizons
beneath the
darker clouds.

All so intense
So fearful.
Easier, is to
not surmount.

But the agony
Of a defeat.
I think, will mount
the toughest  peak .

Cross the biggest ocean
All to not see defeat.

Misery for me is not to not win
To not surmount ,
giving up
Is  what hinders me.
Surmounting is the destiny.
I choose the tougher path
The easier would be, to be.

Yet to be............

Desire today to live freely
Freedom now to dream
All is said to be within  me
But the untenable me.

The omnipotent Misery
I wonder what is it in me
I dream , I want but
cannot reach,impussinate me!!

Do I live to be me,Or continue to be
all of these, not even a denier of me.
For life the treasure is just gonna go by
Not waiting or wasting a second for me.
Or for anybody.

Tomorrow will come by
Standing tall on my door
Demanding all the reasons
For not being me.

Bygones are gone far away
Being happy today is
the guarantee, to be
Merry in what is yet to be.

Friday, March 25, 2011

You surprise me,Why?

Life ,
you surprise me , why?.
I let you pass buy
here I am mesmerized
My heart is beating fast
I sensed a while ago
It had passed.

My vision
Gone blurred
Is intact 
So I know?
The beauty 
Of each moment
The rhythm of
Thy space
All so complete.

Life,you hypnotize me.
I feel Complete!! 
I feel Insane,
All emotions
Beautiful Life!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Destined we are to reach our destiny
Fear then why do u despair me.

Dreams and wishes that surround me
Show the path , ignited only for me.
The path is same for you and me
It is of growth and that I believe is destiny.
The human destiny.

We are destined for growth, for sure
 we call evolution.
Destined we are to reach our destiny.
Fear , then why do you despair me.