Friday, February 11, 2011


Waiting yet again for something
I want to gain,I guess!
 Ask me the distance between one second to another,
Or ask me how many times we breath between that distance.
I have done all that maths.I am waiting.

Dreams created to new heights sometimes So beautiful.
Shattered ,the next moment as the future is still unknown.
Waiting like a bird looking beyond my cage
At a passage far away may be the only way to my freedom.
Caged in emotions varied by my imagination
Fear sometimes,anger at the not known.
Tears when I feel I might loose.

Waiting my dear is so inevitable.
To succeed you need to wait.
To grow from child to adult you wait.
Time I guess is the essence to all
We can gain and not gain.
Life is a long wait for that time when we cannot wait.
For now but my friend I am waiting.