Monday, December 23, 2013

Times of possibilities....

Giggling, wondering wide eyed,
Angelic fragile free like a Dove 
looking innocently!

Deep questioning eyes
a zillion curiosities, adolescence
Yes those were blessed times!

Days of fine memories
where everything was amazing
all things were possible
there were no extremes!

I am remembering the good old days as a growing adult. Rebellious little me.
Accepting understanding  fewer things but the confidence that everything is possible, was so divine captivating.

The thought that something is not possible made me adamant, reaching it became astounding was the feeling- there were no boundaries.

I wonder was it not better to be naive, the lesser I knew the more the world seemed conquerable. Now I am timid fear is rooted in my knowledge of the world and it's ways. Failure seems more real making attempting things a greater challenge and we learn to give up.

Here is a funny thing we did but did not know how crazy were we.
Living alone enjoying new found financial freedom we were adequately equipped to deal with our own life, asked nobody about anything we made our own choices.

One day the cabs were on strike and me and my best friend Sujatha were standing gossiping over a cup of "Chai". Talking about how condemning our society is towards women.

 I said no man can hurt me until I show weakness, to this she objected and said that it is not about power but situation, we debated for a while and she challenged saying can you confidently walk down home tonight  because you believe in what you said, guess what I agreed for a 2 km walk on a dark under construction road in the middle of the night. Our shift ended at 2:00 AM (Yes we worked in night shift). I offered her my bike keys and said you go home and wait I will be there soon.

She said let's walk together, we started walking side by side enjoying the dawn breeze stopping on the way for another cup of "Chai" followed by egg and bread break.

While we were eating we noticed a black omini watching us eat. We were elegantly dressed in our office attire, had laptops, ID cards etc. We did not care much, resuming our walk we were busy chatting but I could sense my friend was uneasy looking around on the other side of the road, she said slowly the car is following us what do you think.

I laughed and said just ignore they will go away, right then two men got down and started walking towards us, I saw it and saw something odd in their eyes, I was sacred !

We started walking really fast as fast as we could, almost running pretending to not know they were there, they followed us equally. I was praying for safety!

Suddenly a car stopped next to us we pretended to not notice and continued walking. A hand came out from the window waving smiling the man said hop in what are you two doing alone so late. That was an angel who saved us from something unpleasant that day and he is a dear friend.

My learning that day was to not be foolish!

We as women are fragile and there is no shame in acknowledging the fact and preserve our-self accordingly. Bravery is not jumping mindlessly it is calculating safety taking risk judiciously.

I will never forget that day for I saw two faces of humanity two men trying to chase us definitely for causing some injury and one saved us innocuously. I was not prepared for both that day !

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Silver Swan.....

Living whiling time,
without much note
Women gives willingly!

How many life's more
'Nirbhaya's" will it be
before we learn to respect
the life force,
 fragile physically
she needs security!

When life is no-more
living are alive, awakened
what a waste of life
Time that is gone!

The silver swan
was waiting infinitely
nurturing giving endlessly!

The mother who createdthy soul
The wife who protected each home
Why exploit them sexually?

There are women who make things better... simply by showing up. There are women who make things happen. There are women who make their way. There are women who make a difference. And women who make us smile. There are women of wit and wisdom who- through strength and courage- make it through. There are women who change the world everyday... Women like you.” 
― Ashley Rice

“All the problem of women, starts with men. All the problem of men, ends with women.”

This post is inspired by the recent turmoil in India around increasing sexual crimes against women, the myth revealed it is not the lower segments who engage in such deeds out of ignorance, it is equally the educated elite class who are engaged in managed social sexual crimes. 
Planned and protected deeds. 
It takes a lot of steel to challenge them, not a task ordinary!
My effort to support such women, may we succeed in defacing many Tarun Tejpals  publicly !

Monday, November 25, 2013

Nature is so astounding......

Nature is so astounding
Not seeking - acknowledgement
Naive, not knowing its beauty.
It's beautiful naturally!!
Blooming, grooming
growing rhythmically!

Is it really beauty,
If it seeks admiration?
Blooms when we notice,
And dies when we don't.
River flows eternally
Flowers bloom endlessly
Not waiting for anybody!

How astounding,
Is human need for admiration.
How mean is thy beauty
We act dubiously!

Feeling different with in
faking things externally
Mocking real beauty!
Truly ugly internally
beauty is the knowledge
 and acceptance of total reality !!


Monday, September 16, 2013

Smile over a tear.....

Writer writes, poet paints
describing their world beautifully.
Varied colors imbibed creativity!

Singer sings melodiously
myriad souls reaching common
destiny a journey- spirituality!

Immersed deep emotions
maturing sorrow- wisdom
some, set back suffering
all are learning eternally!!

Different points of life
each gaining tranquility
aging flourishing equally!

How amazing !!
gods plan mesmerizing!
would you choose a smile
Over your agony!

Reaching emotional abundance
is death of creativity!
God's secret mystery,
nothing ever reaches totality!!

All things natural
are left- little undone!
Life's well lived- time spent
remains a mystery!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Touched by humanity…..

This poetry is inspired by the work of Mittal Patel, who is working to elevate the meager life’s of a few hundred thousand nomads in Gujarat- India. Barred historically as notorious tribes declared criminal tribes by the British many decades ago. They are still struggling for social equality.

Thanks to a few learned people who courageously take up such issues and put in efforts for bringing a change for tomorrow's better society.

This in itself is a cheerful social change worth applauding.

Touched by humanity this is my way of conveying thank you!

The world is changing, evolving
Seeming to be developing rapidly
Becoming better place!
Are we changing really?

There’re still many people sects
Branded nomads- Living Subdued lives
Status unrecognized.
Are we changing really?

Empty stomach
Bare bodies and hands
Struggling with poverty,
Ignorance -social intolerance.
Are we changing really?

Witnessing cultural diversity
Contrasting colors
Of social change
Are we changing really?

Revolutionary concepts enhanced life
Hi-speed Internet- Connectivity
Knowledge availability
Are we changing really?

The elite and the common man
Wider increasing social gap
Endless distance
Are we changing really?

Dramatically changing modern life’s
Rejoicing our illusionary victory
Are we changing really?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Deprived without words.....

Without words
dreams emotions would
Have no voice, no meaning
desires would die down eventually!!

Without words
Knowing learning evolution's
journey would seize to be
silent human existence
would be so phony!!

Without words
History would be imaginary
Myth maybe, no reality
Words are mandatory
imbibing footprints
of human growth and history!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Sacred Buddha goal....

Winning life,
first race,
victorious new born!

is inbuilt in all beings
Only-if we know to survive
the difficult things!

On the course
of our life's
things dreams
are sacrificed
by parents, siblings
and many other beings!

All deeds have a fervor,
deeper meaning.
Only-so we survive,
Ultimately succeed!!

Birth is
a sure victory,
life our chance!

Only-to make death
a memory,
event full victory!!

Winning, few times.
Falling, missing
the goal, some times!

Is it enough?
The effort,
has to be continuous!!

the sacred end.
know the meaning!

is a great memory
eternal endless
seeming journey
will one day
end abruptly!!

Not a minute more
Nor a second less
our breaths
are counted

is not eternity
use it judiciously
find the true meaning
purpose of being, totality!!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Truer than true it is......

Image from:

Truer than true it is,
I am more then Me!!

Grinding, churning,crushing
Life's eroded passages.
Brought to surface,
a me truer then Me,
I envisioned to be.

Turning back today,
what seems unnecessary.
All seems inevitably,
So necessary.

Two roads, I see
traveled path, destiny
Other remains mystery
wondering deep with in
What if?, surrounding me.

Meaning causes conceit
I contemplate secretly
the truth is destiny.
The path is illusion-ary.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

You are beautiful....

I see you life.
From a distance
you are beautiful !!

Building my soul
Creating me goals
Setting me free
making history
you are beautiful!!

Disguised in me dreams
Sorrow and grief
Aspirations and growth
You are beautiful!!

Victory defeat
A tear a smile
I find hidden traces of you,
You are beautiful!!

Disguised in all learning
all that I go through
Pebbles and stones
Rocks and mountains
vivid parts of you.

All varied forms
comprising you
You are beautiful!!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Beautiful Felony...........

Did I think to live my life, 
like I have lived!
Did I plan to reach,
place so distinct from me dreams!

How unpredictable me is to Me? 
How meaningless desires and plans
Have proved to be!!

The power, to choose is an illusion,
cause we are driven by situations!!
Dreams are mere deviations,
cause there are a million variations!!

Destiny and the course 
for all is set in stone!!
You can plan endlessly,
but will reach thy destiny alone!!

I wonder what power do I hold above anything? 
Is there really a place where reality meets dreams?
How foolish it was to dream, plan and predict?
To believe anything could be achieved!!

This is a beautiful felony and the myth is ME!!
Dreaming alone does not make destiny
Having courage to make dreams reality
Is destined fortune!!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The plethora Of Suffering.....

Suffering, grief, sorrow or Pain
Can't be big or plain?
Quantity's relativity
Is so disdain!!

A child's suffering for
first breath.
Not an ordinary scrimmage.
Clinging, fatal boundary,
learning or kaput life!

Incidents caused by later life.
Loss, birth, demise or accident.
Betrayal, dejection, guilt and pain.
Varied faces of dolefulness!!

All leaving treacherous trails:
- Tormented hearts,
- Anguished minds,
- Defeated life's purposes !!

Sufferer feeling lonely,
watcher suffering agony.
Universal melancholy!!

Strange cozenage,
at the end all conjugate.
Merge eternally,
there is no variance.
joy and death,
are all momentary,
Causing spiritual excrescency!!

Monday, May 20, 2013

The Sound Of Tragedy….

Sleeping beautifully,
Innocent child.
Unaware !!!

The sound of tragedy.
Defeating all beliefs,
Derailing pleasant memories.
Causing great turmoil!!

What could be thy purpose
For all this unfathomable,

Making mankind blind
To love, belief,
Greater realities!

Believing only grief.
Half living waiting demise
Humanity is suffocating
Great burden of grief and suffering.

I looked around
Found no heart desolate
All were crumbling
Bearing their grief!!

Whose making is it?
None are happy
All have been walking
Endlessly, tired feet!!
Reaching no place!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The world Is....

The world Is what we see,
It to be!

Ascending felicity, good times
Misery suffering pain
Drudgery otherwise.
cause we believe both to be.
The world Is what we see.

No notion is real,
It's what we conceive.
things to be!
Predicative reality.

Seems real, like
the suffering within.
Mirror image of inside.
showing the concealed !!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Attempt at Haiku......

Shrouded Path
Bentonitic relief
Seeker seeking quarantine.
Diver gaining treasury!

The Piranha in me....

I am a women,
Gentle, soft,
Supposed to be Graciously!

Tender eyes, child like.
Defying bystanders victoriously!
Creating life, nurturing generations.
Countless roles depicted in various forms,
Durga, Sarasvati, Kali and so on....
Depicts defining me.

There is strength,
Character, nobility,
Am I meant to be impregnability?

I stand tall,
For all needing me.
Destroying demons inherently.

A challenged Child!
Poor and old!
Innocent, feeble!
Weak in some form.

Touch me rashly.
Hurt me or anybody
you will see,
The Piranha in me!
Vicious teeth,
Magical speed
I am capable,
creating a palisade!

Beware deflected minds.
Don't harm me!
I am a women,
Having myriad forms.

Affront me,
You will witness
The Jaguar,
Might in me!
Cari be teeth!
Yes, I am a women!!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I am pickled jalapeno.....

I am pickled jalapeno,
With salt - Vinegar,
On your kitchen counter!
In a transparent glass jar.

I can see, feel you.
Talking, smiling,
Singing, Chopping.
Preparing each meal.
For your loved ones.
You can see me,
Sitting only as a pickle jar!!

I am waiting for my chance
In anticipation to add some flavor!
In the mean time watching, Listening
I see life around !!

You are also probably
Waiting for your time!
Living your life,a Jar.

You are caged in your pickled-Life jar
And me in my real pickle jar,
I see people, things and emotions around.
You see only pickled jars.
Struggling inside each Jar.
My time would come
And so will yours,
We are both little
Pickle Jars.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

The pursuit of endless felicity......

God has made so much for us,
The sun, the bird, the moon
The sky, the earth, eternity
All inspiring endlessly!

Some pause and look,
To see what is spellbinding
Some are busy very busy
Creating what they think
life is meant to be.

At the end,
I wonder what matters?
Running behind things or pausing.
Humans have one eternal goal,
The pursuit of endless felicity.

Running out to get it is Calvary.
Go deep with in and it is in affluence.

There is no pittance,
God has something for everybody!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Thy will see no end of me.....

Thy will see no end of me,
Cause I find solace in,
What's surrounding me?
Novelty exploding out.

There is, bizarreness around,
Outlying places, yet to be Discovered.
Sheltered paths no mind has surpassed.

When I feel there is no more in me,
I reach a veiled path, challenging.
Searching, accepting, exploring!
I realize, there is no end of it.

Like a Flamingo, 
I seem upside-down.
Inside it is straightened out.
World seems straight in the flamingo state.

Thy will see no end of me!!
Cause, am certain of exploring,
Learning everything!
Till eternity!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Artist...............

Getting in touch with cloistered, 'Me'.

Searching sacred harmony.

Balancing, maturing!!

Betwixt, the two worlds.

The loud external and the silent suburb.

Is the hidden surreptitious world of the Hermit.

Away from the worldly belongings.

Solitary-ti, Creating symphony, mastery.

An artist.

Is the master, apprentice.

Acquiring, the secret world.

The cord of creativity 

Is buried deep within.

We the hermits, meditating.

In our esoteric worlds.

Discovering obscure jewels 

Wisdom, Knowledge!!

Fostering creativity!

Friday, April 26, 2013


Making me vulnerable,
Letting love hurt me.
Taking thy blame
On me.
Was it helping, anybody?

You got miscellany notions.
So delusional.
Thought, were fooling me.

Admittance now,
I lean on me.
Centered in me heart.
found what I need.

What a fatuity,
To run all along for,
What was within me.

Stealth beneath the Vallie's
Of my subliminal self.
Obtained eternal abundance.
I am lost searching me
There are no extremities.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

We The Salubrious Battalion..

We The Salubrious Battalion.....
Bleeding wounds,
Contusion so deep.
Abrading each soul,
Hamstring each mind.
It's bloody, battle ground.
Bullring Deep within.

No strength moving on.
The injury so invasive
Causing thy grief.
Heaven and hell
All seen at  once.

Chaotic cry,
A scream for help,
Injured soldiers
All around
Anguished souls,
Hoping for redemption!

Life, the fierce battle ground,
Battling for believe, love, creativity....
We all have a struggle with in.

Move on,
Look around.
Sympathize with none.

Victory, achieved!
Exalt in thy Learning.
Enlightenment through suffering.

Giving up is no option,
The battle is everlasting.
There is no discontinuance.
No solace!
No Escape!
Haul on!

All winners at the end!
Demise is nativity in real sense.
Defeat is accomplishment,
Winning is walkover to oblivion.
Doesn't matter you win or lose.
Have Perseverance in what you choose!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Women's Identity...

Searching identity,
It doesn't seem enough.
Being  Mom, wife and
So many other things....
Others Defining Me.

Deep dive, I realize
We are so crooked inside our mind.
Consciously denying.

The need for an identity.
Why can't it be enough to be.
love of all things surrounding,
Serenity of little deeds.

Life of a women
Passes through so many Identities.
When born she is a daughter to somebody.
Sister to siblings and that seems enough.

Marriage brings a different meaning.
With name changes her whole identity.
Now she is a wife of somebody.
Meaning so many different things.

Where is the women's identity?
She is definitely something
On her own not just something to somebody.

Monday, April 22, 2013


How captivating is the need to find,
Some sensible meaning in one's being.
As you come close and can see,
Your time ending.

When you are standing on mid roads.
Half or more is already gone.
Time suddenly becomes scarcity.
Life and meaning destiny come haunting.

I have seen the old holding to
These things and now I know
What makes them so crazy.

Achieving, something.
Before your time ends.
Searching purpose
Still finding meaning
We'll pass by, one day.
Meaning changes for every being.

Holding caring will remain.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

I Have Come To Love My Agony........

I would hold on to you my dear agony,
Cause This is my destiny.
I will cling to you cause you are my reality.
I will hide you deep,
Penetrated beneath me.
An invisible part of my dear soul.

Smiling,fallaciously Each day
Living my life every moment.
Life seemed so ordinary.

None knew.
The extra ordinary part of me.
My overwhelming agony.

Almost gone in the whirlpool of my grief.
Something held on to me,
A desire to not be blown out,
I decided to ride my agony.
Make it my weapon.

I nurtured it, kept it inside for so long.
Now I have learnt to ride it.
Go Inside me, when it bothered me.

This my dear is my invisible tool.
I would use pain,my agony.
To ride on me dreams.

Go places you cannot understand.
Inside me is filled with mystery.
It is undiscovered land.
I am loving exploring me.
And it's so much fun.
Guess what? it's totally free.
Sadly none is welcomed to
Share that part of me.
I have come to love my agony.


I looked around and realised that all of us are facing exact same things, our omnipresent enemy: grief, sorrow, regret ....we could give a million names. In practical sense they mean just one thing " Our inability to deal with reality" it can be Love, loss, betrayal or anything.

The emotional pain we experience is so excruciating. I feel for all those who are battling dealing with some form of it.Some are brave some fall to these. The rate at which people are going crazy is higher than any other rate. We as a specie are loosing universally to grief, then why do we not hesitate to cause it? People are depressed globally. The need for special care has been recognised. So many are suffering already.

All of us know what would inflict it and who would be impacted, but yet we do not hesitate. How ironic?
Those affected are the once we claim to love. "Love" is it a weakness? Causing suffering.

It sure seems like that on a macro level, diving little deeper I see it is a strength to love and that becomes the strength for the week to correct themselves.

There are a million examples around us in daily life, where it's evident how drastic a change could be in somebody if nourished with love. In Buddha mythology there is a famous story about a man who was a ferocious robber, stealing unnecessarily, killing innocent life's causing so much misery. Buddha asked him why are you inflicting so much agony on innocent poor life's? Are you achieving anything? He explained that he experienced a loss himself and is now revenging. Buddha said what are you achieving, so many are dead and so many have become helpless. With you and your agony it's just you who is suffering. Do you think spreading it would get you back your loved once. This conversation brought a complete realisation and that man changed for good.Later became a renowned saint, doing unconditional service for humanity. That I feel is the power of Love and compassion.

The point here is that spreading sorrow is no solution, acceptance and realisation of what went wrong? How we could have averted it brings growth, emotional stability.

There is no education around it, we are not sharing our real learning's. We know there is little cure for it and it's killing a precious part of human race. So many commit suicide so many harm themselves. I pondered and found no solution to how we can stop it.

I cannot say how to stop it but I think there is an effective and productive way to live with it in harmony.I feel there is a way to come in terms with all agony, and that is to accept it, express it, and understand it.

For those who cause it it is an agony of guilt a different kind of pain seeing their loved once suffer because they caused it. For those who are victimised it is a much deeper pain. But all of it could be simply dealt with, by our understanding. And creating an environment where we are freely able to express it.Communicate our learning's. Diminishing the once who have erred is the reason we try to cover up, sharing and acceptance is the way towards change. I think it's OK to make mistakes and learn move on. The poison of suffering can only be captured by total understanding.

“Give sorrow words; the grief that does not speak knits up the o-er wrought heart and bids it break.” 
― William ShakespeareMacbeth

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What's Inside Of Me.....

Words popping in my head like crazy.
Ideas oozing out, I cannot make seance.
Speed fascinating, I am gasping catching momentum.

What a beauty, mind is rarely so elated.
I wish there was another way to capture
Things inside my head.
Writing suddenly seems backdated.

Wondering is it really me creating?
Or the universe has a way of choosing.
Either ways, I am elated to tap a little bit of
What's inside of me.

Sagacious Society....

Somebody standing next to me
In the children's park today.
Whispered about another child
"They do not take proper care,
See how he is misbehaving..."

Almost everybody heard this whispering.
I heard the judgement in their tone.
Wondering how captious of us to be
So caviling about somebody.

None can share their problems freely.
Cause all will be discerning and sagacious
None can say what they are facing?
How mean a society we have created.
How ghastly we are with everybody?

Closing doors creating,
Million social boundaries,
No wonder we are the lonely lot.
Not knowing anybody.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

What If....

What if, I could fly like birds?
What if I could smile for eternity?
What if there are no memories?
Of things gone wrong?

What if I could just live today and 
Not worry about, bygones,
If life just goes On and On.
With No worry to torment me.
What if I could do just the things
I wish for?

What if,  I See views of things from high above.
What If I could just carry on with the 
Perfidious ways of life.
What if life just carries on,
Would I find it worth living?

It is the uncertainties that give me the adrenaline to carry on.
Life is just perfect the way it chooses to go on.
What If is such an mystification.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Illusions eluding me...

Many illusions Unknown.
A million dreams to carry on.
To go on a path unknown,
Or to just carry on in what is known.

Options are numerous true,
Courage how do I gather you?

I think I should go on the path of destiny.
Illusions I know you, but now you have to loose me.
Cause I am headed on my destiny?

The course is ahead of me,
You are far behind, away from me.
Cause I have discovered a way to elude you.

The point of creativity...

I feel distanced from all things around me,
this vague space in me, filled with nothingness.
I feel no gravity, to pull me down today.

It feels peace and very elating, 
Is this the place? Called,
The point of creativity.
The hidden sense of things,
Seems so close to me.
I can almost feel and touch it with me hands.

Nothing needs explaining,
No thought is nonsense.
I think I am finally at peace with the innerself.
Creating no masterpiece, 
But a better Me.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

You are from me....

Looking in thy eyes, my beloved sons.
I see such innocence, imparted trust.
I assimilate your love and take care of you.

The loving bond we created,
when you were in my Womb.
Nurturing you each day.
I'm also fostering my soul.

Learning the essence of being me.
Your childlike gestures are filled with purity.
You are learning the ways of the world from me.
And me the ways of the spirit.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Saucer and the Cup...



Saucer and the cup,
were talking on the table today.
I  sat quietly and tried to make sense

My identity is being "Cup's Saucer",
You are still a cup, without me.

I become ugly and have no utility.
Our beauty is being "Saucer and Cup"
We look ugly independently.

Cup smiled and said,
You keep me intact when I am brimming.                  

You give me base and provide support.
Yes fragile we are both.                                    
Contemporaneously we seem beautiful.         

No matter how delicate we are separately.
Together we are meant to be.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Behind me...

I find me behind me somewhere hidden in spent time
Moments gone by.
I find me a different me from then and now standing in today here.

Change is the name of the game you accept
Or it forces itself upon thee.
Difficulties and troubles in a way define me, 
the new today's me.
I find me behind me somewhere hidden in spent time
Moments gone by define me.

Creating the picture of life day by day
As a child it capsized me, 
being big felt so far away.
In youth I felt time is eternity.
Now  I am defined by it and know 
How these moments are creating the future me.
Running behind or before it is otiose.