Monday, December 23, 2013

Times of possibilities....

Giggling, wondering wide eyed,
Angelic fragile free like a Dove 
looking innocently!

Deep questioning eyes
a zillion curiosities, adolescence
Yes those were blessed times!

Days of fine memories
where everything was amazing
all things were possible
there were no extremes!

I am remembering the good old days as a growing adult. Rebellious little me.
Accepting understanding  fewer things but the confidence that everything is possible, was so divine captivating.

The thought that something is not possible made me adamant, reaching it became astounding was the feeling- there were no boundaries.

I wonder was it not better to be naive, the lesser I knew the more the world seemed conquerable. Now I am timid fear is rooted in my knowledge of the world and it's ways. Failure seems more real making attempting things a greater challenge and we learn to give up.

Here is a funny thing we did but did not know how crazy were we.
Living alone enjoying new found financial freedom we were adequately equipped to deal with our own life, asked nobody about anything we made our own choices.

One day the cabs were on strike and me and my best friend Sujatha were standing gossiping over a cup of "Chai". Talking about how condemning our society is towards women.

 I said no man can hurt me until I show weakness, to this she objected and said that it is not about power but situation, we debated for a while and she challenged saying can you confidently walk down home tonight  because you believe in what you said, guess what I agreed for a 2 km walk on a dark under construction road in the middle of the night. Our shift ended at 2:00 AM (Yes we worked in night shift). I offered her my bike keys and said you go home and wait I will be there soon.

She said let's walk together, we started walking side by side enjoying the dawn breeze stopping on the way for another cup of "Chai" followed by egg and bread break.

While we were eating we noticed a black omini watching us eat. We were elegantly dressed in our office attire, had laptops, ID cards etc. We did not care much, resuming our walk we were busy chatting but I could sense my friend was uneasy looking around on the other side of the road, she said slowly the car is following us what do you think.

I laughed and said just ignore they will go away, right then two men got down and started walking towards us, I saw it and saw something odd in their eyes, I was sacred !

We started walking really fast as fast as we could, almost running pretending to not know they were there, they followed us equally. I was praying for safety!

Suddenly a car stopped next to us we pretended to not notice and continued walking. A hand came out from the window waving smiling the man said hop in what are you two doing alone so late. That was an angel who saved us from something unpleasant that day and he is a dear friend.

My learning that day was to not be foolish!

We as women are fragile and there is no shame in acknowledging the fact and preserve our-self accordingly. Bravery is not jumping mindlessly it is calculating safety taking risk judiciously.

I will never forget that day for I saw two faces of humanity two men trying to chase us definitely for causing some injury and one saved us innocuously. I was not prepared for both that day !