Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Deprived without words.....

Without words
dreams emotions would
Have no voice, no meaning
desires would die down eventually!!

Without words
Knowing learning evolution's
journey would seize to be
silent human existence
would be so phony!!

Without words
History would be imaginary
Myth maybe, no reality
Words are mandatory
imbibing footprints
of human growth and history!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Sacred Buddha goal....

Winning life,
first race,
victorious new born!

is inbuilt in all beings
Only-if we know to survive
the difficult things!

On the course
of our life's
things dreams
are sacrificed
by parents, siblings
and many other beings!

All deeds have a fervor,
deeper meaning.
Only-so we survive,
Ultimately succeed!!

Birth is
a sure victory,
life our chance!

Only-to make death
a memory,
event full victory!!

Winning, few times.
Falling, missing
the goal, some times!

Is it enough?
The effort,
has to be continuous!!

the sacred end.
know the meaning!

is a great memory
eternal endless
seeming journey
will one day
end abruptly!!

Not a minute more
Nor a second less
our breaths
are counted

is not eternity
use it judiciously
find the true meaning
purpose of being, totality!!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Truer than true it is......

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Truer than true it is,
I am more then Me!!

Grinding, churning,crushing
Life's eroded passages.
Brought to surface,
a me truer then Me,
I envisioned to be.

Turning back today,
what seems unnecessary.
All seems inevitably,
So necessary.

Two roads, I see
traveled path, destiny
Other remains mystery
wondering deep with in
What if?, surrounding me.

Meaning causes conceit
I contemplate secretly
the truth is destiny.
The path is illusion-ary.