Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Sacred Buddha goal....

Winning life,
first race,
victorious new born!

is inbuilt in all beings
Only-if we know to survive
the difficult things!

On the course
of our life's
things dreams
are sacrificed
by parents, siblings
and many other beings!

All deeds have a fervor,
deeper meaning.
Only-so we survive,
Ultimately succeed!!

Birth is
a sure victory,
life our chance!

Only-to make death
a memory,
event full victory!!

Winning, few times.
Falling, missing
the goal, some times!

Is it enough?
The effort,
has to be continuous!!

the sacred end.
know the meaning!

is a great memory
eternal endless
seeming journey
will one day
end abruptly!!

Not a minute more
Nor a second less
our breaths
are counted

is not eternity
use it judiciously
find the true meaning
purpose of being, totality!!