Friday, January 21, 2011


We seek you ,but we cannot deal with you.
So I wonder should I seek you.

Happiness a pursuit of human life
As we all survive and strive to reach you.
Truth do I really need you?
Knowing makes me sad and a sinner
not knowing makes me naive
I lay my bet intelligently on being naive.
Not knowing it all
I believe is a gain.
Truth? Do I really need you?

Dreams I dared to dream...

Was I awake or asleep when I dared to dream such courageous dreams?

The difference doesn’t matter ,or does it.

For I know you are a part of my imagination and I am capable of

Creating you.

What matter’s is, it was my dream a part of me.

Hidden beneath layers of "ME" and so many Me's.

Forbidden maybe to go beyond the horizon

But you are a living proof of my mutiny.

Against my own meek desire to not succeed.

A crime to not want to do more then I should.

Monday, January 3, 2011

year 2011

Here today yet another day.

I began, a fresh, a journey

Towards another new bay.

Novelty in my heart.

New dreams in my eyes.

I fly higher to reach newer horizons.

To wish thee for a new coming year.

Let us soar higher in pastures unknown

Let fear remain where it needs to be.

Let you and me feel bondless eternity.

Who knows this year we may reach?