Friday, February 28, 2014

My dear memory...........

she came to me!

Hanging desperately to
the last string
life was fast escaping!

Countless years
between this meeting
and last departure!

Wondering was
this necessary
I pondered over
those few gone decades!

Looked at her piercing eyes
now almost gone blind
tears and sorrow literally
made them dry!

Seeking refuge
was an old lady
still bearing few signs
of an affluent past living
today seeking a place
to live in!

I wondered
is this life worth living
the end was so demeaning!

Old in mind and body
where are her returns
from living!

Abandoned left helplessly
was a mother, grandmother
all wealth abducted from her
what happened to humanity!

I agreed and welcomed my aunt
not knowing it's her last visit
perhaps she had come to settle
an old emotional debt!

Sitting together for hours
we talked as if all time is necessary
she touched my heart healed my scars
shared wisdom her last left property!

On her death bed
lonely was her heart
for she still was waiting
hallucinating on death bed
thinking they have come, her siblings
calling strange names to strangers
she died waiting endlessly!

I died instantly with realization
how cruel is misery!
may you now rest
in peace dear aunt!

Saturday, February 15, 2014


The end of all journeys
life, love, creation
time's eternity!

Memories earned
buried deep in heart
secret pages of learning's!

Treasure is not wealth
jewels or castles built
with confining walls-
grand buildings!

My journey reveals
they are reminiscent
proof of our living
redolent -memories!

A touch of pain
whisper of gain
sweet nothings
secret longings
Life lives in memories!