Tuesday, May 28, 2013

You are beautiful....

I see you life.
From a distance
you are beautiful !!

Building my soul
Creating me goals
Setting me free
making history
you are beautiful!!

Disguised in me dreams
Sorrow and grief
Aspirations and growth
You are beautiful!!

Victory defeat
A tear a smile
I find hidden traces of you,
You are beautiful!!

Disguised in all learning
all that I go through
Pebbles and stones
Rocks and mountains
vivid parts of you.

All varied forms
comprising you
You are beautiful!!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Beautiful Felony...........

Did I think to live my life, 
like I have lived!
Did I plan to reach,
place so distinct from me dreams!

How unpredictable me is to Me? 
How meaningless desires and plans
Have proved to be!!

The power, to choose is an illusion,
cause we are driven by situations!!
Dreams are mere deviations,
cause there are a million variations!!

Destiny and the course 
for all is set in stone!!
You can plan endlessly,
but will reach thy destiny alone!!

I wonder what power do I hold above anything? 
Is there really a place where reality meets dreams?
How foolish it was to dream, plan and predict?
To believe anything could be achieved!!

This is a beautiful felony and the myth is ME!!
Dreaming alone does not make destiny
Having courage to make dreams reality
Is destined fortune!!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The plethora Of Suffering.....

Suffering, grief, sorrow or Pain
Can't be big or plain?
Quantity's relativity
Is so disdain!!

A child's suffering for
first breath.
Not an ordinary scrimmage.
Clinging, fatal boundary,
learning or kaput life!

Incidents caused by later life.
Loss, birth, demise or accident.
Betrayal, dejection, guilt and pain.
Varied faces of dolefulness!!

All leaving treacherous trails:
- Tormented hearts,
- Anguished minds,
- Defeated life's purposes !!

Sufferer feeling lonely,
watcher suffering agony.
Universal melancholy!!

Strange cozenage,
at the end all conjugate.
Merge eternally,
there is no variance.
joy and death,
are all momentary,
Causing spiritual excrescency!!

Monday, May 20, 2013

The Sound Of Tragedy….

Sleeping beautifully,
Innocent child.
Unaware !!!

The sound of tragedy.
Defeating all beliefs,
Derailing pleasant memories.
Causing great turmoil!!

What could be thy purpose
For all this unfathomable,

Making mankind blind
To love, belief,
Greater realities!

Believing only grief.
Half living waiting demise
Humanity is suffocating
Great burden of grief and suffering.

I looked around
Found no heart desolate
All were crumbling
Bearing their grief!!

Whose making is it?
None are happy
All have been walking
Endlessly, tired feet!!
Reaching no place!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The world Is....

The world Is what we see,
It to be!

Ascending felicity, good times
Misery suffering pain
Drudgery otherwise.
cause we believe both to be.
The world Is what we see.

No notion is real,
It's what we conceive.
things to be!
Predicative reality.

Seems real, like
the suffering within.
Mirror image of inside.
showing the concealed !!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Attempt at Haiku......

Shrouded Path
Bentonitic relief
Seeker seeking quarantine.
Diver gaining treasury!

The Piranha in me....

I am a women,
Gentle, soft,
Supposed to be Graciously!

Tender eyes, child like.
Defying bystanders victoriously!
Creating life, nurturing generations.
Countless roles depicted in various forms,
Durga, Sarasvati, Kali and so on....
Depicts defining me.

There is strength,
Character, nobility,
Am I meant to be impregnability?

I stand tall,
For all needing me.
Destroying demons inherently.

A challenged Child!
Poor and old!
Innocent, feeble!
Weak in some form.

Touch me rashly.
Hurt me or anybody
you will see,
The Piranha in me!
Vicious teeth,
Magical speed
I am capable,
creating a palisade!

Beware deflected minds.
Don't harm me!
I am a women,
Having myriad forms.

Affront me,
You will witness
The Jaguar,
Might in me!
Cari be teeth!
Yes, I am a women!!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I am pickled jalapeno.....

I am pickled jalapeno,
With salt - Vinegar,
On your kitchen counter!
In a transparent glass jar.

I can see, feel you.
Talking, smiling,
Singing, Chopping.
Preparing each meal.
For your loved ones.
You can see me,
Sitting only as a pickle jar!!

I am waiting for my chance
In anticipation to add some flavor!
In the mean time watching, Listening
I see life around !!

You are also probably
Waiting for your time!
Living your life,a Jar.

You are caged in your pickled-Life jar
And me in my real pickle jar,
I see people, things and emotions around.
You see only pickled jars.
Struggling inside each Jar.
My time would come
And so will yours,
We are both little
Pickle Jars.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

The pursuit of endless felicity......

God has made so much for us,
The sun, the bird, the moon
The sky, the earth, eternity
All inspiring endlessly!

Some pause and look,
To see what is spellbinding
Some are busy very busy
Creating what they think
life is meant to be.

At the end,
I wonder what matters?
Running behind things or pausing.
Humans have one eternal goal,
The pursuit of endless felicity.

Running out to get it is Calvary.
Go deep with in and it is in affluence.

There is no pittance,
God has something for everybody!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Thy will see no end of me.....

Thy will see no end of me,
Cause I find solace in,
What's surrounding me?
Novelty exploding out.

There is, bizarreness around,
Outlying places, yet to be Discovered.
Sheltered paths no mind has surpassed.

When I feel there is no more in me,
I reach a veiled path, challenging.
Searching, accepting, exploring!
I realize, there is no end of it.

Like a Flamingo, 
I seem upside-down.
Inside it is straightened out.
World seems straight in the flamingo state.

Thy will see no end of me!!
Cause, am certain of exploring,
Learning everything!
Till eternity!