Sunday, March 15, 2009

Life Never Ends......

Live you have to
Die you may
but life goes on come what may!!
End might come
but,it never ends
that's the beauty
come what may
life never ends.

It seems
It's dead end
but it begins...
It seems
no way
but that's the way...
It seems
It's over and lost...
But that's the biggest gain.

Just believe in it
and you GAIN!!

There is nothing to disdain...
It's all a game to gain and gain...
never a loss just a gain...
That's why it never ends
Just begins...
come what may
Life never ends...

It's the strength to Begin.
Which is the biggest gain.
Come what may you have to Begin.
Cling you may with the past untold.
Live you may with the memories unfold.

But that's not the truth
You have to Begin and believe.
That's not a dead end,just a new curve,
To show you new ways,
And gift with new pleasures unsaid.
It's just to Begin which was never said.
Come what may life never ends it just begins.