Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The plethora Of Suffering.....

Suffering, grief, sorrow or Pain
Can't be big or plain?
Quantity's relativity
Is so disdain!!

A child's suffering for
first breath.
Not an ordinary scrimmage.
Clinging, fatal boundary,
learning or kaput life!

Incidents caused by later life.
Loss, birth, demise or accident.
Betrayal, dejection, guilt and pain.
Varied faces of dolefulness!!

All leaving treacherous trails:
- Tormented hearts,
- Anguished minds,
- Defeated life's purposes !!

Sufferer feeling lonely,
watcher suffering agony.
Universal melancholy!!

Strange cozenage,
at the end all conjugate.
Merge eternally,
there is no variance.
joy and death,
are all momentary,
Causing spiritual excrescency!!