Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Me, Mine and I

Me, Mine and I.....
The words I chose,
To brand things I thought I owned.
The car,the house and all the the goodies that surround.
But owning anything is such a misapprehension
I am at the end left with only my soul.

What we choose to believe and lay our life's on
Is but such an illusion.
Holding life is like holding sand with all our might.
The tighter thy grip the lesser we hold.

I cannot even own the thoughts and desires held deep with in 
What a catastrophe to believe that anything but me belongs to me.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Life Is

Life is brilliant the way it is.
Ask no questions as it is .as it is.

Try to change  but it remains
Life is just the way it is.

It is what it is meant to be.
Fight  out as much as you can
Let me know if you ever succeed
To change , Life
Is the running water none can change.
Life is brilliant just the way it is.

Wanting to be.....

I am wanting to be Me
For I am not sure if the way I live is me any more.
I am waiting to be me again as I am lost.

Sometimes I lost me in the pride hidden beneath "ME'
Sometimes to reach thee ,Walking your pavement to reach you.
I am now waiting to be ME.

Forgotten with time,
Buried in dust lies a part of me somewhere in History.
A piece I loved about being me.

Nodes of Life...a diamond ring: Success

Nodes of Life...a diamond ring: Success