Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Piranha in me....

I am a women,
Gentle, soft,
Supposed to be Graciously!

Tender eyes, child like.
Defying bystanders victoriously!
Creating life, nurturing generations.
Countless roles depicted in various forms,
Durga, Sarasvati, Kali and so on....
Depicts defining me.

There is strength,
Character, nobility,
Am I meant to be impregnability?

I stand tall,
For all needing me.
Destroying demons inherently.

A challenged Child!
Poor and old!
Innocent, feeble!
Weak in some form.

Touch me rashly.
Hurt me or anybody
you will see,
The Piranha in me!
Vicious teeth,
Magical speed
I am capable,
creating a palisade!

Beware deflected minds.
Don't harm me!
I am a women,
Having myriad forms.

Affront me,
You will witness
The Jaguar,
Might in me!
Cari be teeth!
Yes, I am a women!!

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