Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Me, Mine and I

Me, Mine and I.....
The words I chose,
To brand things I thought I owned.
The car,the house and all the the goodies that surround.
But owning anything is such a misapprehension
I am at the end left with only my soul.

What we choose to believe and lay our life's on
Is but such an illusion.
Holding life is like holding sand with all our might.
The tighter thy grip the lesser we hold.

I cannot even own the thoughts and desires held deep with in 
What a catastrophe to believe that anything but me belongs to me.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Life Is

Life is brilliant the way it is.
Ask no questions as it is .as it is.

Try to change  but it remains
Life is just the way it is.

It is what it is meant to be.
Fight  out as much as you can
Let me know if you ever succeed
To change , Life
Is the running water none can change.
Life is brilliant just the way it is.

Wanting to be.....

I am wanting to be Me
For I am not sure if the way I live is me any more.
I am waiting to be me again as I am lost.

Sometimes I lost me in the pride hidden beneath "ME'
Sometimes to reach thee ,Walking your pavement to reach you.
I am now waiting to be ME.

Forgotten with time,
Buried in dust lies a part of me somewhere in History.
A piece I loved about being me.

Nodes of Life...a diamond ring: Success

Nodes of Life...a diamond ring: Success

Friday, July 16, 2010

Looking beyond tomorrow

I feel suffocated and constrained

Looking beyond tomorrow.

Human suffering only

Increases manifold.

Looking beyond tomorrow.

The land we have

Is, not going to grow.

The food producing farms

Cannot produce any more.

I wonder what  will we do.

Looking beyond tomorrow.

Children today

Will grow, adults tomorrow.

Population is not reducing.

Nurturing mankind.

I feel constrained looking

Beyond tomorrow.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Poor who?

Poor who?
The man on the road, Begging
Collecting daily necessities.

The man in Mercedes,
Managing industries can’t let go.
Poor who?

The stranger walking up to me
On a sturdy morning
Asking nothing but
The extra belongings.
Poor who?

The children running naked
To help an elderly.
The educated woman watching
Thinking what an absurdity.
Poor who?

Friday, July 9, 2010

Touched by innocence

You touched me by your innocent eyes,

The effort you made to reach me.
The first cry of my tiny little baby.

The eyes which were filled with love
And felt like you can see through.
Face like an angel, with purity
Pouring through.

I wish I can see through you
To hold you with compassion.
My heart is scared one side
And filled with rejoice on another.
I know I can care for you.

Do I know..?

Looking for a space,

Freedom of my own.
In the eyes of destiny.
Destiny but I do not know.

Heavens above, I have heard.
But do I really know.
Childish believe in all things
I know but do not know.

Space a place of my own.
Freedom to be in thy space.
Do I really know?

Rhythm of my life, is it my own
Destiny but I do not know
Life is life only when
I cannot say that I know.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Success I wonder what it is?

Is it the desire to be free?
Is it the feeling of being important?
Is it getting what you wanted?

Success for sure cannot be any of these things it is something beyond I pondered over it ,studied many lives around me and I feel that it is just a desire to accomplish something but once that something is accomplished we find another such desire and so to succeed is an ever lasting affair. And ironically we never succeed.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Can I ever reach thee ?

Can I ever reach you?

Life a way, unseen distance.

I feel I can see a tunnel
And rest, in a shade.
Call it freedom,
But the illusion.

There is none that I can change.
None I cannot.
Life is a strange illusion.
The unseen distance.

I am distanced so much
From me, that I do not know thee.
But my illusion is the reason
I want to reach the distance.
Irony, my mind deceives me

On life's way I see many illusions
Life a way unseen distance
That none knowth  the reason.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Feeling lonely....

A friend of mine told me today
That he is lonely.
I said to him don’t be.

As being with somebody is no guarantee
That you won’t be.
The void is our’s
And we need to fill it.

The burden is released only when
You discover a menace to be in sync with yourself
It has got nothing to do with anybody.
A friend of mine said to me
today that he is lonely.

Friday, June 11, 2010

My reality....

My Reality is,

as it seems to me
Illusion to you may be.

My reality is my premonition
your reality is yours.
There really never Is any
Or there is?
I do not know.

Perceptions’ of being
Are our dimensions.
Reasons for living are reality.

My divine place.....

Standing here today a place life has brought me

Sky above my head, high,
Defining the heights I am yet to reach.
Birds flying free,
To show me we are as free as we want to be.
Sun filling my each day with light,
Defining each direction I take.
God has made so much for us
for us to reach the Devine place.

My place is where I am, Feeling content
In what I have done.
This I guess is my divine place.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Mystery.....

The mystery of human brain
So complex yet so simple
So Devine sometimes
and so crooked the next time.

They all look alike
but I guess we are wired differently.
What I might do today
Is different from what I would do another day.

The question of right or wrong
the base for all that cannot be undone.
What seems right today is wrong another day.
So all the intellect has to be forgone
For we are just mysteries
driven by time and things that surround.

Monday, June 7, 2010

You choose

You live, you survive.

Because you choose to always strive.
For life, for love, for fear to revive.
I might choose to stop to choose.
But, the freedom to survive clings
to the fear to loose.
So you have to choose to survive.
You live, you survive, because u choose ...

Survival, vital for existence
Depends on endurance.
Choose to smile or choose to cry.
It always leads to dependence.
On joy or on fear.

So be confident to strive and survive
What you choose.
Always smile on what you chose
chaos or confusion.

Feelings Concealed.....

So much to say-So much to feel
Words have to be chosen to reveal
The heart of pain and suffering counseled.

Heart beats and feelings revealed
Love is the agony which can never be released.
It stays and would last for life.
But that's not a pain it's a gain.

Meaning comes from nowhere
Words are filled with desire
It's the strength only to Begin
which is the cozenage. You know.
There is nothing to disdain
Not a fear to be drained

Drained of Desire
Drained of peace
It's nothing but relief
there is so much to say
And so much to feel.
Yet it seems it's complete

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I long for so long........

I long since so long,
Oh! Mother to hold you.
To sleep in your arms
Safe and secure.
It's really been too long.

The distance, so long I do not know.
The desire, so strong, I cannot hold.
The love in my eyes as your first child
I find hard to console my heart sometimes.
I long since so long just for your love.

I dream sometimes, a sweet tiny dream.
My childish believe so strong.
I will get my dream, Alas! But I know
I long since so long......

Your pure love , and the memories of it.
Now I hold so close.
Let's me believe that love exists.
In the eyes of only "Mother” the holy life.
Which Alas !! I lost. Long ago.

I looked for so long to reach for thy love
Looked in the eyes of so many
Looked in the eyes of my loved one.
Alas! but I know, you are uncompared love.
No soul can reach thee.

Mother I wish you could see the tiny one.
Holding so much innocent love.
I promise to love him like you always loved me.
I long so long oh mother to hold you.
And, I know I will long till eternity.
Alas! The truth of the tiny dream.
Mother I wish I could for once tell
you how much you mean to me.

Troubles throttle in our lives.......

Troubles, throttle in our lives.

We feel together again.
Yes its worry some time
but, let’s make memories anyway!!

Memories of you and me.
Fighting our battle field,
With smiling face.
Memories of you and me
dancing to chords of love again.

Troubles throttle in our lives......
The nest we have built
Is ours again, we feel the pull.
The life we have created makes us wonder
Wao!!! we could do that!!!!
Yes, troubles throttle in our lives......

But smile we feel together again.
Rejoice we are one again.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Free you are to explore
the world.
Fly you should to new
That's how the journey
and the old one ends.

It always begins to never end.
But, what begins has an end.
Life is the freedom to begin
and journey which never


Seems all gold when it

shines bright and clear,
deserves all the struggle and
is worth the tears.
It shines more bright & seems
more valuable when the darks
are more intense and fearful.
Value gets valued when the
unvalued is more.
Success becomes success
only if defeat is steep and strong.

Let me be this way....

Let me live my life today,
For tomorrow I cannot say.
I may not know what I know today.

Let me live my life today
moment by moment until
today becomes yesterday.
let me live my life today.

Let me not ponder beyond what I
Do not know,
Let me be satisfied today here
in what I think I know.
The fear of exploring the unknown
Is the reason men never go beyond .
So I pray to you today
Let me forever be this way and
Learn to live in what exists here,
let me live my life this way.