Sunday, June 6, 2010

I long for so long........

I long since so long,
Oh! Mother to hold you.
To sleep in your arms
Safe and secure.
It's really been too long.

The distance, so long I do not know.
The desire, so strong, I cannot hold.
The love in my eyes as your first child
I find hard to console my heart sometimes.
I long since so long just for your love.

I dream sometimes, a sweet tiny dream.
My childish believe so strong.
I will get my dream, Alas! But I know
I long since so long......

Your pure love , and the memories of it.
Now I hold so close.
Let's me believe that love exists.
In the eyes of only "Mother” the holy life.
Which Alas !! I lost. Long ago.

I looked for so long to reach for thy love
Looked in the eyes of so many
Looked in the eyes of my loved one.
Alas! but I know, you are uncompared love.
No soul can reach thee.

Mother I wish you could see the tiny one.
Holding so much innocent love.
I promise to love him like you always loved me.
I long so long oh mother to hold you.
And, I know I will long till eternity.
Alas! The truth of the tiny dream.
Mother I wish I could for once tell
you how much you mean to me.