Sunday, December 4, 2011

what difference I make to me

It is not what I get or what you give me.
It's what difference I make to me.
I can be there meaning nothing to anything.

But I know today that I mean something.
Let me believe it's true.
I can feel the passion in thy eyes,and the pain in thy touch.
And I know I mean something to you.
I notice everything you say you do.
I know nothing why I do notice so much of you.
But I know today that I love you.

It's not all roses alone thy can get by love
It's pain.
But thy know thy love only if you cannot feel thy pain.
And I know today that I mean something to you.
And I know my heart feels love for you.


Wishes I make,
Desires surround me.
Sometimes I wonder
What would I be

The purpose sometimes,
Silly other times
But they all
Have the power
To drive me.
My dreams
My visions
Surround me.


I have seen hell in what I believed to be heaven.
It's Become my burial ground.
My world turned upside down.

Buried beneath the ground, cannot go lower then this.
walked upon By a million lies was my soul.
Lying hurt on the floor, I have lost the dignity in being me.
Was it better to be the other somebody.

My heart is aching, hurting wanting to not be.
I cannot sense physical pain anymore.
My broken heart is really broken-it says hurt me more.
For I was the one to believe.

What was lacking in me and my love.
That this had to be.
Was I never good enough.
Was there ever love?