Friday, July 16, 2010

Looking beyond tomorrow

I feel suffocated and constrained

Looking beyond tomorrow.

Human suffering only

Increases manifold.

Looking beyond tomorrow.

The land we have

Is, not going to grow.

The food producing farms

Cannot produce any more.

I wonder what  will we do.

Looking beyond tomorrow.

Children today

Will grow, adults tomorrow.

Population is not reducing.

Nurturing mankind.

I feel constrained looking

Beyond tomorrow.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Poor who?

Poor who?
The man on the road, Begging
Collecting daily necessities.

The man in Mercedes,
Managing industries can’t let go.
Poor who?

The stranger walking up to me
On a sturdy morning
Asking nothing but
The extra belongings.
Poor who?

The children running naked
To help an elderly.
The educated woman watching
Thinking what an absurdity.
Poor who?

Friday, July 9, 2010

Touched by innocence

You touched me by your innocent eyes,

The effort you made to reach me.
The first cry of my tiny little baby.

The eyes which were filled with love
And felt like you can see through.
Face like an angel, with purity
Pouring through.

I wish I can see through you
To hold you with compassion.
My heart is scared one side
And filled with rejoice on another.
I know I can care for you.

Do I know..?

Looking for a space,

Freedom of my own.
In the eyes of destiny.
Destiny but I do not know.

Heavens above, I have heard.
But do I really know.
Childish believe in all things
I know but do not know.

Space a place of my own.
Freedom to be in thy space.
Do I really know?

Rhythm of my life, is it my own
Destiny but I do not know
Life is life only when
I cannot say that I know.