Thursday, July 18, 2013

Touched by humanity…..

This poetry is inspired by the work of Mittal Patel, who is working to elevate the meager life’s of a few hundred thousand nomads in Gujarat- India. Barred historically as notorious tribes declared criminal tribes by the British many decades ago. They are still struggling for social equality.

Thanks to a few learned people who courageously take up such issues and put in efforts for bringing a change for tomorrow's better society.

This in itself is a cheerful social change worth applauding.

Touched by humanity this is my way of conveying thank you!

The world is changing, evolving
Seeming to be developing rapidly
Becoming better place!
Are we changing really?

There’re still many people sects
Branded nomads- Living Subdued lives
Status unrecognized.
Are we changing really?

Empty stomach
Bare bodies and hands
Struggling with poverty,
Ignorance -social intolerance.
Are we changing really?

Witnessing cultural diversity
Contrasting colors
Of social change
Are we changing really?

Revolutionary concepts enhanced life
Hi-speed Internet- Connectivity
Knowledge availability
Are we changing really?

The elite and the common man
Wider increasing social gap
Endless distance
Are we changing really?

Dramatically changing modern life’s
Rejoicing our illusionary victory
Are we changing really?