Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I am pickled jalapeno.....

I am pickled jalapeno,
With salt - Vinegar,
On your kitchen counter!
In a transparent glass jar.

I can see, feel you.
Talking, smiling,
Singing, Chopping.
Preparing each meal.
For your loved ones.
You can see me,
Sitting only as a pickle jar!!

I am waiting for my chance
In anticipation to add some flavor!
In the mean time watching, Listening
I see life around !!

You are also probably
Waiting for your time!
Living your life,a Jar.

You are caged in your pickled-Life jar
And me in my real pickle jar,
I see people, things and emotions around.
You see only pickled jars.
Struggling inside each Jar.
My time would come
And so will yours,
We are both little
Pickle Jars.