The Liebster Blog Award!!


My first blog award !

Thanks to wonderful Katherine Vucicevic for nominating me. For those who do not yet know her ,Do check her blog "Write Stuff -an Author blog by Katherine Vucicevic"  to know more about her.
She is a science fiction author awaiting the release of her debut book !

About this award:

The Libester Blog Award is a virtual award given to bloggers by bloggers, originated in Germany to recognize and/or discover new bloggers, welcome them to the blogging world. It follows the principles of chain marketing and hence this seems like a novel gesture in my opinion.
Most bloggers are voluntary writers contributing content, creativity for no monetary gain. 
The basic concept is to recognize new bloggers and help promote them! 
The benefit is that you get to connect with other bloggers and get some promotion, too!
A win win for all who choose to participate!

Here are the basic rules

  1. List 11 random facts about yourself.
  2. Nominate 11 other bloggers for the award.
  3. Notify these bloggers
  4. Ask 11 questions that the bloggers must answer upon accepting the Libster Award.
  5. Answer the 11 questions that you were asked when you were nominated.
  6. Link back to the person who nominated you.
You can nominate someone who already has been given this award, as long as they have less than 1000 followers/subscribers. 

11 random facts about me

  1. I love to sing and compose my own songs depending on my mood randomly.
  2. I occasionally paint and these creations are hidden not for display........... LOL!!
  3. I am an above average cook and can cook Indian, Chinese and continental food, my biggest fan is my son.
  4. I learnt non-vegetarian cooking from my husband....who said men cannot cook!
  5. I was a complete vegetarian till I got married 
  6. My favorite hide out is to go on a long drive on unknown routs...I have been lost a zillion times but it's fun to find your way back home.
  7. I am a mother to two sons.
  8. I love experimenting with things.
  9. We are three sisters and I love them both eternally.
  10. I love to see my kids when they attempt to learn a new skill fail and try....and try effort !
  11. I cleared Chartered Accountancy preliminary exam in first attempt and did not pursue it.Crazy Me for many.

Answer to Katherine Vucicevic's questions

  1. What was the funniest movie you have seen?- There are many funny movies that I have seen the top one in my list would be "The Hangover" .
  2. What's your earliest memory?- Age 3 or 4 when our garden was ransacked by cows in the night and my favorite corn plants were all gone. I felt terrible.
  3. What was your favorite school subject?- I liked science and literature poetry to be precise.
  4. Have you EVER had to use algebra away from a school environment?- Thank God No, I hated it!
  5. Do you understand modern art (or even know if it is hanging the right way up?)- I think it's quite easy ask the artist LOL I have a keen eye for these things and I would like to say that I can contemplate modern art only if there are no tests.
  6. Most enjoyable book? - I loved "The Alchemist " a novel by Paulo Coelho.
  7. Ever spent money to buy something you really wanted, although you could hardly afford it at the time?- I am a lousy shopper and usually buy what I need. Money is prearranged. Impulse buying is not my thing!
  8. Apart from when you were a child, have you ever danced in the rain? - Yes with my kids, we go out and play sometimes in the rain if the weather permits.
  9. What country would you like to visit that you have not yet been to?- Egypt I would love to see the pyramids.
  10. What makes you grumpy?- Stupidity.
  11. What's your 'Go To' switch to make you feel better on a gray day?- Nature's serenity, solitude and silence are my best friends.

My Nominations for the award:

My Questions for the nominees are:

  1. Who is your favorite author and why?
  2. What is your favorite book?
  3. What has been your biggest writing challenge?
  4. How did you overcome these?
  5. What is your biggest writing success, the best piece as per you that you have written, do you mind sharing it?
  6. As per you what prepares you best , your life experiences or formal education?
  7. Share your favorite poetry?
  8. What does your life say about you?
  9. Share your worst writing experience?
  10. What is god for you?
  11. One word which describes you?
Looking forward to know all of you better, waiting to read more about you, hope you would contribute!! 
Thank you all for writing so beautifully!!

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” 
― Helen Keller

“Our duty, as men and women, is to proceed as if limits to our ability did not exist. We are collaborators in creation.” 
― Pierre Teilhard de Chardin