Sunday, November 11, 2018

The hero in strife...

I am the hero of my life, a broad battlefield
Life is earnest, bonafide one hundred percent
And dying is never it's goal!

Making the best from what is
Striving for what's needed
To make it more satisfying
Living is a choice I make
Each day, smiling when
It get's hard to bear the
burden of dead dreams
Desires that may never
Become reality.

I am the hero of my life.
The shepherd tending dreams
Moving ahead with dignity
Taking it slow, one step at a time
Reaching my destined abode.

Chimera of frightening memories
Buried gracefully, safe beneath
Sierra of hopes, the small little things
Glorified beyond reality to make it worth it.

Future perhaps is conceit , I know
Yet the illusion is breathtaking.
What could not be today maybe
Will come to life in a far away tomorrow.

 I am the hero of my life, a broad battlefield
Life is earnest, and dying is never it's goal!


Thursday, October 25, 2018


Longings fill me so deep
And on an impulse
I feel like escaping
Running far from
Thy gaze, cause it seems
You can see me from within

It feels unbelievably strange
Maybe an eccentric attraction
I simply cannot explain.
Silently, aren’t we communicating?

Am I contemplating things?
Is this even real or mind’s
Playing its dreadful games
How does someone know?
What to make out of this invisible play?

Why do I skip a heartbeat?
Why can’t I keep up with usual pretence?
This constant conflict within
Heart believes it is reality, mind is busy weighing
The signs, searching for a gesture
An act of valour, reaching me!