Thursday, April 25, 2013

We The Salubrious Battalion..

We The Salubrious Battalion.....
Bleeding wounds,
Contusion so deep.
Abrading each soul,
Hamstring each mind.
It's bloody, battle ground.
Bullring Deep within.

No strength moving on.
The injury so invasive
Causing thy grief.
Heaven and hell
All seen at  once.

Chaotic cry,
A scream for help,
Injured soldiers
All around
Anguished souls,
Hoping for redemption!

Life, the fierce battle ground,
Battling for believe, love, creativity....
We all have a struggle with in.

Move on,
Look around.
Sympathize with none.

Victory, achieved!
Exalt in thy Learning.
Enlightenment through suffering.

Giving up is no option,
The battle is everlasting.
There is no discontinuance.
No solace!
No Escape!
Haul on!

All winners at the end!
Demise is nativity in real sense.
Defeat is accomplishment,
Winning is walkover to oblivion.
Doesn't matter you win or lose.
Have Perseverance in what you choose!