Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Year 2015- Shouldn’t you fear thy memories?

The burden of deceit or victories
A million miseries or thrills
cleverly concealed
in a memory.

Each attempt failed or achieved
To outreach and exist evocatively!

Is buried deep within
altering the vision
the way we view
the world around

They make thee tremble
With a fear and ache!
Or the wisdom
To curlicue!

Feet are challenged
To move ahead, progress
But, memories cast a mystic spell
Make you old, timid, aged, fragile
or can give you wings to fly.

The remembrance of what is known
Keeps us firmly grounded
Petrified to go beyond

And that,
Is the agonizing burden of memories?
So hard to shed!

It matters splendidly
What and how we choose to reminisce
The preceding times!