Monday, August 1, 2011

A Void Deep Inside

A Void Deep Inside,

I presumed it to be Life.

The darkest hole, So Close.

I assumed it to be my Sunrise.

What illusion and what a shame.

The dirty bargain, AGAIN?

I am delusion ed, Alas the righteous illusion. Again!

What a SHAME, an irony that is my only gain.

"The Shame" , I will have to carry the burden,

Till my grave. Not my burden, None my deed.

But I will have to carry the ugly deed. Indeed.

WHY? heart screams, eyes are dried of tears.

No reply from no corner.

Probable a voice deep inside.

Somewhere says you have to become a light.

And illuminate the darkest of corners.

Burn, bit by bit, cause you loved the wrong man.

Cause you are the righteous women.

Nobody said it is easy to love the ugly "Man".