Friday, September 2, 2011


I felt strong and thought of me as being Courageous
In adversity!!
But the illusion is broken and truth reveled
Here I am sitting paralysed with my pain!!
Unable to move or make my heart feel anything!
I wonder what happened to the courage.
What a mockery of me, my belief!!
That Life had to be this!

What I believed of me is not true anymore!
I cannot know me completely unless I know what
Happened to you? Judging by seeing anything from a distance!!
Is the biggest mockery of human intelligence!
I cannot know you from your image.
I need to feel you to know you!!
Witness situations you have gone through!
Before I pass judgments!
Else I will only reach an illusion of knowing you!!
The image not the person behind it!
Courage is the ability to seek truth, reality!!