Sunday, September 16, 2012

Because I lived you

I saw a body one day,
Lying lifelessly in the pool,
From my balcony.

I saw expensive Jewelry on it,
but nobody cared for it!

I saw real good clothes on it,
but were serving no purpose of hiding it.
I wondered who is it?

Saw no one around to worry,
But me, stranger standing in my Balcony.
Life ended in a lonely moment,

None of the possessions could buy it's dignity.
Living it was a mother, a daughter.
So many other things, but now just a body.

I wondered where is the love that surrounded it living?.
What about the relations she was intertwined in her journey.
I'm flabbergast, where is her dignity?

Strangers struggling to pull her out, not a single emotion.
but disconcert to just get her out of public view.
She was moved shortly and so was I deep inside me.

I wish all to possess dignity in they death.
No matter how and when.
If one soul ever felt fondness for me.
Show me thy respect!

That will be my appellation for living
And my dignity!!