Monday, October 6, 2014

I live,yet I keep on dying within........

I live,yet I , keep on dying in me
I love living, yet so much is missing
Dreaming, whispering, wisdom of  words
I am yet, but a child, viewing life as a mystery.

Age defies, wisdom mesmerizes
My memories, sequence of things
occurrence emergence of scenes
How dynamic is thy game?

The great dynasty of Humanity
World indeed is a giant place.

with revolving stage,
 we are merely acting
learning to learn from reality.

Learnt a few tricks when we first breathed
struggled to see the world clearly,
evolving constantly Learning infinitely.

it still feels like I hold just a gravel
of sand in my mighty grip there lies
an ocean of things untouched.

Ignored not understood
The secret heart of humanity
An entire life seems minuscule.

As compared to the events and history,
Little we realize now -how beautifully
we fit  in the larger scheme of things!

"He who gives up freedom for safety deserves neither." - Benjamin Franklin